Fitness apps- more a boon and less a bane

In today’s era, where each and every deed is turning digital;certainly, fitness is expected to sail in the same boat. Fitness apps prove to be a boon for people who are physically occupied but mentally dedicated.

Following are certain points that help considering fitness apps as a boon:-

1.They provide you with a huge variety of effective workouts and diet plans;that are free of cost and let you set your goals along with guiding you to transform into your desired shape.

2.These apps serve no less than a personal trainer as they keep you highly motivated.

3.They not only keep your statistics clear regarding calories intake, but also monitor them effectively and efficiently.

4. Some of these apps even help in tracking pulse rate, heart beat and blood pressure, thereby serving as a personal doctor free of cost.

The place where this boon lacks behind and becomes a bane lies in its digital sector. Some of these apps may be underdeveloped and cause problems like updating on a regular basis, hanging in between, showing multiple advertisements in short intervals, lack in data and giving incomplete information as well. Also, as internet lets everyone become the master; incorrect and inefficient workouts or diet plans may also be uploaded that may not suffice the needs of the user and could lead to illness.

But, keeping in mind the advantages, fitness apps can be considered as a boon by overcoming the properties that make it a bane. The way out is, that only certain trusted apps should be used, and their workouts and diet plans should be followed properly and should be stopped if causing any sort of inconvenience.

Your best guide apps are available on your ios and android stores.

The latest buzz that adds icing to cake is that certain UK based entrepreneurs have designed fitness apps that pay you digitally for being physically active in the form of ‘sweatcoins’.The app is though currently activated only in UK, Ireland and US,but is certainly expected to cross the borders.


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